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Three Mukhi Rudraksh

Three Mukhi Rudraksha represent supreme power of the Universe, Lord Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh, wearer get the blessing of these supreme power. Energised Three Mukhi Rudraksha protects wearer from bad luck, accidents, diseases, troubles & tensions, and grants forgiveness from all sins. 

It also represt Planet Mars, so it also remove the malefic effects of Mars. It has three natural marked lines. All the merits obtained from the worship of fire god, are attained by wearing a rosary ( 108 or 54 beads) of Three faced Rudraksha.

AstroCent provide genuine and pure Energised Three Mukhi Rudraksh.


Astrocent provides energised (shudh or praanpratishthit) rudraksh.

Three Mukhi Rudraksh
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