Why Astrological Research Centre

Astrological Research Centre has been conducting pioneering research work in astrology for the past 52 years and now this website www.astrocent.com is being launched because with the popularization and creation of greater interest in astrology there also entered certain people in this field who have no such connection or interest in astrology as such but whose work is to spread misconceptions in the public and earn money at the cost of authenticity that is precisely why all the websites avoid stressing on the astrological services and instead go ahead with selling unauthentic and untested range of astro products which they have never experimented with and they even have no concern whether it is effective at all or not.

In this website www.astrocent.com separate research is being done on every aspect of astrology and it is the one and only website in which what is impossible in astrology has been condemned in its totality like (i). Zodiac Forecast (ii). Sade Sati (iii). Numerology (iv). Gochara (v). Copper Plate Yantras (vi). Computerized Astrological Predictions.

When we found it incorrect in our research then we wrote research articles and put them in our website to prevent public from defraud.

Astrological Research Centre has been giving predictions in writing on its letter pad for a number of years on the one hand and on the other removing the many misconceptions in the common man. There are research articles on our website which are prepared only after carrying out research on these subjects to put the things in proper perspective.

These are the reasons in brief for why the need for this website www.astrocent.com was felt.