• Love Report


    Whenever Moon and Venus will be mutually correlated in a horoscope then love with its many variations will apply and the possibility of love and..
  • Academic Report


    In astrology researches are being made in which it is to be seen what kind of education should children or oneself be provided which is of prim importance......
  • Career Report


    Every possible question related to your career will be answered through this report by our e-mail service. AstroCent astro experts suggest unique..
  • Marriage Report


    Nature and fortune of the future spouse can also be known People usually resort to astrology to solve problems in marital life when they are actually facing them .


Prashna Kundali ( Prashna )

AstroCent will answer your query based on prashna kundali without having time of birth, or if you have doubt about your correct detials of birth. Know more..

Health Report

Based on our unique astrological research in medical astrology we divide the whole body in minute detail in many parts with the help of planets and zodiac signs and study them astrologically. We apply our original researched methods to arrive at the exact medical diagnosis of the problem astrologically and also study what diseases you will suffer from in future. Our conception is that if you perform relevant solutions in advance you can escape the brunt of physical illness before it afflicts you. This is the advantage you gain through our astrology health report. Know more..

Match Making Report

We have carried out extensive research work on this aspect of matching and found that it is not necessary that if there are lesser points or gunas than 18 it must be a mismatch or they will not be mutually compatible. Know more..

Personalty Profile

Astro experts after analyzing your horoscope in depth let you know the exact positions of your planets and about your personality. Know more..

Wealth Report

Astro experts after analyzing your horoscope in depth let you know the exact positions of your planets and how they effect your Wealth. Know more..

Marriage & Maarried Life Report

Planets unveil the potential that marriage holds for you. The first and foremost question which arises is of the timing of marriage and whether it will be a love marriage or an arranged marriage which we answer with specific remedies if required. Know more..

Muhurt Report

Muhurta is the auspicious time for starting any new venture or ceremony which is of great significance in that a good muhurta ensures success in the undertaking. It is a very specialized branch of astrology which requires working out the appropriate time period for starting any work in accordance with nature of the work undertaken. In marriage, muhurta plays a vital role in the success or otherwise of the marital bond. Know more..

Business Reports

We at Astrocent take care of the following three most important points when studying business prospects :-
What and how is your luck?.
How is your house of profit placed in the horoscope?( because everyone works for profit not for loss).
How will your wealth be?( whether you will face financial problems in business. Know more

ARC Founder

Late Pt. Raja Ram Shastri established Astrological Research Centre (ASTROCENT) in 1952. He was an Editor, Translator, Pioneer Research Scholar, Crusader and Innovator, who had a world vision of futurity, prospects of development and prosperity combined with the knowledge of synthesis between Medicine and Astrology.. know more..

Our Astrologer

  • Pt. Sunil Sharma Pt.Sunil Sharma
    He Says: Successful operation of a person?.. know more....
  • Sonal Sharma Mr.Sonal Sharma
    He Says: The growth and decline of the evolution can. know more..