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Shani Puja (Anushthana)

Nowadays books on astrology give undue significance to Saturn, Rahu and Ketu because people are suffering because of Saturn�s 7 � years Sade-Sati and 2 � years Dhaiya whereas we have given in our astrological criticism article on Sade-Sati on our website www.astrocent.com titled "Criticism: Shani Sade Sati" that Sade Sati holds sway over 3 signs of the zodiac at any given point of time. We can calculate, as the population of the world is roughly 6 billion at the moment, hence, 6 billion /4 = 1.5 billion, which means that 1.5 billion people are running Sade Sati at all times and hence afflicted with its negative effects, which is impossible, and hence Sade Sati is not a reliable and authentic astrological method for prediction.

In our institute Astrological Research Centre, research has revealed that Saturn is benefic in 3 positions in a horoscope whereas Jupiter and Mercury are benefic only in 1 position in a horoscope, then how come that Saturn is especially malefic.

Astronomically, Saturn is the 7 th planet of our solar system. It consists of several rings of dust and particles accumulated around it. It is the second largest planet of our solar system.

In astrology,
Saturn represents oil, travel, death, weapon, shudra, hair, painful diseases and servants and maids. In medical astrology, Saturn rules deficiency and excesses of iron.

The Saturn rules the zodiac sign of Capricorn and Aquarius. The sign of its exaltation ( Uchchasth) is Libra and the sign of its debilitation ( Neechasth) is Aries.

As based on the
horoscope the malefic or benefic effect of the Saturn is determined astrologically and not merely on the basis of exaltation or debilitation because under certain conditions even a debilitated Saturn can give beneficial effects whereas based on its position and degrees in the horoscope even an exalted Saturn can sometimes give malefic effects.

As we have explained in our astrology research article " What is Mantra" Mantras can be classified under two broad categories: -

1. Tantrik Mantras ( Beeja Mantras)
2. Vedic Mantras

Therefore, chanting of Tantrik or Vedic Mantra of the concerned planet 1,25,000 times or its half, 62,500 times reduces the malefic effects of that planet. In Panchangas, this number of times for the chanting of mantra for the Saturn is given as 7,000 when by chanting only 7,000 times the Mantra of the Saturn nothing substantial can be achieved and it is 1,25,000 times chanting alone which can give proper results.

The Tantrik Mantra of the Saturn: -

"Om Praang Preeng Praoung Sah Shanaishcharaaya Namah"

The Vedic Mantra of the Saturn: -

Om Shanno Devirabhishtaya Aapo Bhavantu Peetaye Shanyorbhisravantumah Shanaishcharaaya Namah

The Saturn can be propitiated from either kind of mantras but among these Tantrik Mantras ( Beeja Mantras) are more popular. By undertaking this "Anushthana" ( Puja & Homa{ Ritual of Chanting of Mantras}) one can remove the malefic effects of the Saturn especially when performed in the Major Period ( Mahadasha) or Sub-Periods ( Antar Dashas) of the Saturn.

Shani Puja (Anushthana)
125000 Times
Rs.21000   |   $ 322.96
62500 Times
Rs.11000   |   $ 169.17
31250 Times
Rs.6000   |   $ 92.27