Child Report

When we approached for matching of horoscopes then our experts study whether there is possibility of child in the matching of both horoscopes or not or if delay is possible all these matters are predicted. On the other hand, when there is a problem of children in families after marriage then it is considered that how is the lord of children placed in the horoscope? Which planets are placed in the house of children? Which planets aspect the house of children? All these things are taken into consideration and if there is no combination for children in both the horoscopes of husband and wife then 5 th house from Jupiter is studied and it is seen what is the position of venus in both the horoscopes? Whether they have the seeds for procreation?

The child report requests received at astrocent are treated by first studying the horoscopes of husband and wife for the combinations for children and what is the timing and this time is also dependent on the principle of seed that if a seed is sown without proper season in earth then will earth accept it. In the same manner, even if there is no problem in the horoscopes of the husband and wife still if the proper time has not come then how is the birth of children possible.

Astrological research centre decides all these matters and if there is a need for solutions then four types of solutions are suggested which include the wearing of stone of the concerned planet, dana( charity), vrata( fasting) and chanting of mantras which may make it possible for the couple to have children.

Here at astrological research centre researches are conducted on child report and if ayurvedic medicines also if possible would be suggest.

Child Report

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