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Astrological research centre goes by the precept that why should one be afflicted with a disease? If one does his or her solutions before the onset of disease toward off disease then how will the person fall sick.

It is said that if wealth is lost, nothing is lost. If health is lost, something is lost. If character is lost, everything is lost. Which means that health is placed second but today every person is facing stress which gives rise to disease and on the other hand, eating habits, excess of workload also increase the risk of disease and as a consequence sugar, blood pressure, heart attack and such health problems are given rise to. Even brain tumour and brain hemorrhage have become common nowadays.

Astrological research centre has done research on diseases which shows that the 12 houses of a horoscope divide human body in 12 portions and this is so detailed that even the difference between right and left can be worked out like left eye and right eye, left ear and right ear (like 2 nd house rules right eye and 12 th house rules left eye and in the same manner 3 rd house rules right ear and 11 th house rules left ear).

Lagna (Ascendant) or 1 st house – brain, head
2 nd house – right eye, neck, throat
3 rd house – lungs, shoulders, right ear
4 th house – heart, intestine
5 th house - back, ability for procreation
6 th house – intestine, stomach
7 th house – kidney, waist
8 th house – anal diseases, private parts
9 th house – hips, thighs
10 th house – knees
11 th house – left ear, legs, ankles
12 th house – left eye, feet and fingers of feet

In the same manner, we tell about different diseases from nine planets

Sun – boils and pimples, fever
Moon – watery disease
Mars – blood related problems, blood pressure
Mercury – gastric problem
Jupiter – stomach, liver
Venus – sexual strength, sugar
Saturn – iron related disease
Rahu – gas related problem
Ketu – gas related problem, wound, skin disease

In the same manner, if one is more accident prone then it is seen whether mars is related to rahu or ketu.

Astrological research centre astro expert work on different diseases and may suggest som remedy or solutions ( if required ) to overcome your health problem.

Health Report

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