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Today, the greatest problem is that astrologers straight away declare a person Manglik if Mars is in Lagna, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house in the birth horoscope. From Moon also if Lagna, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house has Mars in it the person is declared as “Chandra Manglik” and no need is felt to take into account other details like planetary degrees or bhava degrees. For this reason people with Mars in these five houses are considered as Manglik and many of the well- known astrologers are involved in this practice.

Where predictive astrology is completely based on mathematical astrology there is also a need to explore this mathematics properly.

Our institute Astrological Research Centre gets many such horoscopes, which have been declared as Manglik by astrologers but after working out complete calculations and bhava degrees and planetary degrees it is seen that the horoscope is not Manglik.

According to our research, if Mars is combust or eclipsed or suppressed by Rahu- Ketu, then Manglik dosha is diluted and if some other planet (like Saturn) is neutralizing the Manglik Dosha then it should also be considered and also whether Mars is debilitated or exalted. Suppose if the lagna is at 0(zero) degrees and Mars is in Lagna at 25 degrees then as per bhava degrees Mars will shift to the 2nd house and if Mars is in 2nd house, how can there be “Manglik dosha”? If Mars is in the 4th house at 5 degrees and the lagna is at 28 degrees then Mars will shift to the 3rd house, the house of prowess and then again how can there be Manglik dosha? In the same manner, if Mars is in lagna, which is Cancer, and Mars is debilitated and as per planetary degrees and bhava degrees also Mars is in Cancer debilitated in lagna then there is no Manglik dosha. If Mars were in some other sign than Cancer in Lagna there would have been Manglik dosha but as Cancer is the sign of debilitation of Mars the results will be opposite and hence (if in other signs it is Manglik) there is no Manglik dosha in Cancer.

In these aspects even renowned astrologers are giving wrong analysis. In the newspaper, ‘Hindustan’ (Hindi) an astrologer in the column ‘ Kab Hoga Vivah’ (when marriage will take place) analyzed a horoscope for which the birth details and horoscope were provided and the question was asked, “ Some say that it is a Manglik horoscope and some say that it is not, now what should I tell the family of prospective groom?”

The astrologer replied that, “ As Mars is in the 8th house it is a Manglik horoscope.”

I took up the newspaper and worked on the details provided in the column as the Mars was shown in Cancer in 8th house debilitated and eclipsed by Rahu. Henceforth I wrote a letter to the astrologer and requested to him that there are three reasons for this horoscope not being Manglik: -

  1. 1. Mars is in the 8th house debilitated.
  2. 2. Mars is eclipsed by Rahu.
  3. 3. Position of Saturn.

All those three reasons are changing this horoscope into Non- Manglik one so I requested him to write a letter personally to the person concerned and tell them that it is not a Manglik horoscope. Then what happened I do not know but I did not receive the answer to my letter.

In the same manner, many horoscopes which are apparently Non- Manglik, on working out the planetary and Bhava degrees turn out to be a Manglik horoscope. As for instance, if Mars is placed in the 2nd house at 5 degrees and the lagna is at 25 degrees then on working out bhava degrees Mars will shift into the lagna. Then the horoscope will become Manglik

Therefore, if we do not take care of all these factors and make any such assessment without planetary degrees and bhava degrees it is illogical and incorrect to decide whether the horoscope is a Manglik one or a Non- Manglik one. This even our top astrologers well- known in society do not care for and simplistically see if the Mars is in lagna, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th houses and declare the horoscope as Manglik or Non- Manglik. As a result many Manglik people are married to Non- Manglik ones the consequences of which these couples have to suffer.

Note : Please read our article Original Research : Manglik & Non Manglik to know about Manglik & Non Manglik.
Manglik & Non Manglik

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