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Astrological research Centre has its own conceptions about the nature of love which can be classified as :-

    1. Emotional love
    2. Physical love

These are the two main variations of love as there are eight types of marriage in the whole world.

1. Emotional Love:: In emotional love a person is attached emotionally irrespective of how far or close the object of his affection may be. This kind of purely emotional love is represented by the Moon as Moon is the ruler of emotions.

2. Physical Love:: Physical love is purely because of the biological structure and the ruler of sex is Venus.

Character is a completely different conception that how will his/her character be. In this, love is of a different nature because love depends on expressed or unexpressed feelings because although you love a person but you do not express it, whereas your character will be blemished when you have sex with the opposite sex without marriage. Even in our ancient scriptures tell clearly that “Gandharva” marriages were held in ancient times, the greatest example of which is the marriage of Dushyanta and Shakuntala and this “Gandharva” marriage is possible only when there is mutual attraction.

Whenever Moon and Venus will be mutually correlated in a horoscope then love with its many variations will apply and the possibility of love and the probability of love marriage will increase and if the Moon and Venus have exchanged houses then also there will be possibility of love. But whenever Rahu and Ketu will come in contact with the house of marriage then the blemish in character will increase.

In this context the conception of our ancient scriptures is thus:

Meaning that in the horoscope of the person if Rahu is situated in the 7th house then the woman will be prone to blemish in character(adulterous) and is wretched. If this Rahu is placed in the 7th house then the woman will be happy with his husband in his house.

Love Report

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